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Michael Davidoff, CFA, CFP®

"The Measure Twice Planners education program provided me with the clarity and confidence I needed to get me over the fear of starting my own advisory practice. The added bonus of joining a community of other talented and collaborative advisors is invaluable. Thank you, MTP!"

Kevin Estes

"The Measure Twice Planners course is a treasure trove of financial planning insights! Cody’s intentionality, organization, and client experience obsession permeate the program. Above all, he embraces the individuality of personal finance. He explores hundreds of insights, teaching planners how to greet common misperceptions with empathy and harness positive mental accounting to drive positive client outcomes."

Kevin Lam, CFP®

"I joined Measure Twice Planners expecting to learn from, and collaborate with fellow planners who value diligence, excellence, education, transparency and generosity, and who practice truly in the best interests of the families they serve. My expectations were much more than fully met!"

Jackie Cummings Koski, CFP®, MSPFP, AFC®

"Watching Cody's approach to Financial Planning was part of what inspired me to explore the profession. The way he leads with transparency and education is a huge credit to the field, and what he put together with MTP was like a breath of fresh air! He not only shows his process but also generously shares his resources and examples. It became the guide I needed to kick start my own business model."

Joe Petry, PhD, CFP®

"As a career changer, I completed the undergrad curriculum for financial planning, a Masters in planning, the CRPC, and the CFP. None of that was as practical nor as helpful as Measure Twice Planners. Cody has created a detailed how-to manual for financial planning. To master the material and add maximum value for the families they serve, MTP is a must."