Measure Twice Planners Free Preview

The Measure Twice Planners Free Preview includes:

  • 12 full video lessons from the "Create a Comprehensive Financial Plan" video course, including downloadable planning templates and calculators - taught by Cody Garrett, CFP®

  • A comprehensive view of the Measure Twice Planners membership content outline, including Niche Expert Presentations to learn from generous Measure Twice Planners members!

What Current Measure Twice Planners Members Are Saying:

For someone 1-5 years into the profession that wants to master the material and add maximum value for the families they serve, MTP is a must.

Joe Petry, PhD, CFP®

Watching Cody's approach to Financial Planning was part of what inspired me to explore the profession. The way he leads with transparency and education is a huge credit to the field, and what he put together with MTP was like a breath of fresh air!

Jackie Cummings Koski, CFP®, MSPFP, AFC®

The Measure Twice Planners course is a treasure trove of financial planning insights! Cody’s intentionality, organization, and client experience obsession permeate the program.

Kevin Estes


Terms and Conditions: As I access the Measure Twice Planners Free Preview, I acknowledge this content provides only general explanations and education, not personalized investment, tax, or legal advice.

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